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SG3_Dreamer by Noobovich
mentorship by Noobovich


This mentorship program is meant to be a way to share some of my experience with artists at a beginner’s level to mid-tier level.

The subject is fixable depending on your needs from sketching, character design to rendering. I will help in preforming some paint-over on selected artworks, and point you in the direction of tutorials, courses or books that you need to take next to improve.

Book the session through email
Payment is done via Paypal
Session is billed per Hour at $100/h

Noobovich Patreon

Patreon members of $15 tier will get the chance to submit their work once a month for a real-time recording critique.
Share you artwork on the Discord server under the Patreon room and mention what is it that you think is wrong or what is it that you want to improve in the image.

Send your inquiry

Book your session, or send me any inquires or questions you have regarding the mentorship program 

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